Asus engtx460 top

Is it sensible to get the Asus engtx460 top instead of a HD6850 for a g35 chipset ?

Specs :
C2Q 8200 @ 2.33 Ghz
Samsung Syncmaster 933SN @ 1360*768
4gb DDR2

P.S : I m a bit worried about the compatibility of the videocard with ma mobo :(
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  1. GUys pls help
  2. Was real close 2 getting the HD6850 , but was afraid about the compatibility of the PCIe2.1 card and had to chose the GTX460 instead .
  3. Quote:
    :sol: ok well either one is a good choice but the 6850 as i posted above is better with consuming power.
    enjoy it!

    Gonna install a new psu and a GTX460 today afternoon ... kinda nervous about the compatibility ...

    How do i uninstall the drivers of my present HD4350 before installing the ASUS Gtx460 ??

    Thanks in advance :)
  4. Installed the ASUS GTX460 TOP in my PC... Happy as heck !!!
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