Buying a Gaming Mouse and Keyboard! Help!

Ok so need some help!

I want cheap but good (Dont we all!)

Not too expensive though.

Features i want

Keyboard: Light up Keys etc (preferably wireless but not an issue)

Mouse: Lit up (preferably wireless but not an issue)

I will be using these for gaming. Thankyou!
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  1. i think for gaming, you need the wired one instead of wireless.. it is better..
    i recommend you to use mouse asus gx800 and keyboard microsoft digital media keyboard 3000.. they are cheaps but very good for gaming.. Google it and you will know.. =)
  2. I want lit up, And also wired aint a problem.

    Preferably razer brand for mouse and logitech for keyboard?
  3. For a gaming keyboard i would recommend a mechanical keyboard, But if you want blacklighting your limited to the Razer BlackWindow Ultimate. As for Mice you have a lot to choose from I am currently using the Razer Naga because i like my custom keys. But there are tons of brands out there such as Razer,Logitech, cyborg rat and much more.
  4. for the best razer at least you need to spend about 70 usd but Razer Abyssus Mirror Edition USB is quit cheap..
    keyboard i'm not sure because logitech does not have many lit up keyboard.. but maybe you can try this, Keyboard Logitech Wireless Keyboard K340 USB.
  5. I'm using these:

    They both light up a pretty red and look awesome. Overall cost of about $100. Also the keyboard has a place to put this fan in that comes with it. It's great for long gaming sessions and sweaty hands. The mouse is a little loud compared to some others, but it's downright sexy. It has a bunch of different settings of sensitivity that you can change via buttons by the scroller.
  6. I have these.
    Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4 = red led,,quiet keys,the keys and layout are compact size
    Don't know what's up with the user feedback my kb has been fine for over 1yr.
    Logitech G110 = full size keys and layout = 3 different led colour choices
    Razer DeathAdder 3500 = what i use
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