New Hard Drive - Freeze, bluescreen, reset on startup

My work winXP machine died (I could log in, but the machine would blue screen just after making it to the desktop).

I was sent a replacement hard drive with win7 by my network admin (we have no dedicated IT in our office). I swapped out the hard drive, and the new one boots, then the windows 7 logo appears, at which point the system blue screens and dies. He setup the hard drive on a machine at his office with (what we thought were) the same specs as my machine, dell 390, core 2 quad, with a quadro fx1700. I've tried the dell diagnostic tool and it isn't finding any errors. The network admin thinks it's a hardware mismatch (the 390 had a couple processor options, could be his had a quad core instead of dual).

We've given up on the machine and I'll have to wait until next year for a replacement, but I'd like to salvage my old friend if possible. Is there anything I can try to diagnose the problem? Or fix it?

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  1. Do some simple troubleshooting first. Boot from a CD.

    I recommend Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD)

    If you can boot into Partedmagic from there then you at least have an idea it might not be hardware.

    If your network admin can send you an installed OS, certainly he can send you a thumb drive with the OS installer on it?
  2. Find some free software that will scan the drive's integrity, that can be thrown onto a CD via ISO and then booted into that CD to run the diagnostics.
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