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Hi guys, I have a quick question

I currently have 1gb of ram (512x2) and looking to upgrade to 4gb-which is the max

I bought a 2gb stick but when I put it in in the 3rd slot the computer makes the 4 *beeps* and doesn't boot. I wanted to ask if it will work if I were to remove the sticks that I currently have in, add the 2gb stick and buy another 2gb stick, or am I better off buying two sticks (1gb and 2gb) to occupy the other 2 available slots. Can I use up the 4gb ram limit by installing ram in 2 of the 4 slots, or a gig in each slot?

And also, any ddr2 stick will work with each other right? Doesn't have to be the same brand or anything?
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  1. Most of the time, mixing RAM doesn't work. Because you already have a 2GB module of RAM, I'd buy another of the exact same module and get rid of your old crappy RAM. Make sure to install one module in slot 1 and the other module in slot 3 to take advantage of dual channel.
  2. It takes 4gb max and you have 4 slots it probably will not except 2gb stick only 4 1gb sticks
  3. the 2gb stick that I have must be old, I picked it at a flea market for $5. I think I'll get 4 new sticks of 1gb just to be sure
  4. dosent matter if its new or old your board will not accept anything larger than 1gb
  5. I removed the two 512mb I had and installed four 512mb that were the same (only paid $10), I'm only up to 2gb now. I didn't know ddr2 is still so expensive, 4gb at frys goes for like $60
  6. they are like $25 for 2gb(2 x 1gb) on newegg.
    Ebay is a good place as well
  7. it's almost the same price though, $50 for 4gb then add shipping..

    I found 4x1gb on CL for $25. Does any ddr2 fit my computer? I found memory upgrade info and said recommended is either 6400 or 4200 and 1.8v. The ones I found are corsair xms 8500 2.10v
  8. you can stick faster ram in it will be limited to the boards speed which is 6400
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