Which audio pins do i plug into the motherboard?

Ok here is my terrible problem, in front of every computer case, there is a audio thing and a mic thing so u can plug ur stuff into, i have no idea how to make them work, the motherboard requires two pins to be plugged in but then the case has like 6 different audio things that confuse the hell out of me
motherboard: msi 970a-G45
here is a pic of my motherboard audio layout thing

my case is called xg sidewinder 2
, there are no manuels on the case so this is why i need ur guys help :(
im supose to put one pin thing in the HEAD PHONE L needle and one pin in HEADPHONE R needle but mycase has alot of audio pins
i already tried various combinations but no success do i need to restart the computer after plugging in the pins?

pins the case gives me :
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  1. should it already be fool-proofing headers?
  2. do you have a 9 pins cable that came out from the front of the case it could be mark as hd or ac 97,it should be a cable like one of these http://superuser.com/questions/419038/hd-audio-or-ac97-connector-which-to-use-when-and-whats-the-difference
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