Will an Antec 1200 V3 with its 8 fans be 'nuff to cool 3waySLIGTX570s?

I'm confused, I don't want them to overheat when I am having fun playing games!
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  1. Should be fine but it also depends on what model the card is and how much space is between each card.
  2. I have 6 slots to put them in so I can space them pretty well.
  3. And it's an EVGA
  4. Which board is it exactly?

    What cards exactly?

    If i'm doing this correctly you have 6 slots and each card takes up 2 slots.So if i'm correct their won't be a space between them.If so they will run hot but with all those fans it should be fine.Nothing like serious temps you should worry about.
  5. pivotfreaker said:
    I have 6 slots to put them in so I can space them pretty well.

    What is your motherboard?
  6. EVGA p67 ftw
  7. They are going to be really close but it will still fine.The top card looks like it will actually get the most air.
  8. The 1200 V3 or DF-85 will do just fine. Buy the two extra fans (back of HD cage blowing air between cards and window fan).
  9. pivotfreaker said:
    EVGA p67 ftw

    You should be fine. Your cards won't overheat but with all those fans under load you won't exactly have the quietest PC ever.
  10. Should be just fine if your home is not to hot those cards are meant to hit 80c so when you do this config please watch your temps for a week or so and make sure to stop using your pc once your video card goes to about 90c because your in the danger zone for temp for most video cards.
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