Intel DG33FB Mobo, can't get 6 GB of Memory to work

I have two 2GB modules of Corsair XMS2 DDR 2 rams and two 1GB modules of Corsair XMS2 DDR 2 but i didnt buy them at same time. One of the 2GB module I bought recently before that I have one 2GB module and two 1GB modules. Now the problem is my total memory that I want to install is 6GB but the problem my 3 modules are working fine except one 1GB module. I tried every thing but when i put the last 1GB module system didnt show the display screen. Please someone help me if you have the same issue.
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  1. You don't need to use the last 1 gb stick that won't work; mixing ram is hit or miss. The performance difference between 5 and 6 gb is small. Stop handling the ram so much or you find it won't work after awhile. It's easy to damage components. Once you get it running, I would leave it alone.
  2. Listen to the above poster. Mixing RAM is your problem. Keep all sticks the same!
  3. I have one 2 GB module of 1.9 V but according to my mobo's manual it only supports 1.8 V of memory. I was using that module for a long time but alone on a single channel. The 1 GB module that left has 1.8 V and I think that's why the modules not working on a single channel. Is it possible? Any suggestions.......
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