Raid array is not being recognized

hi there. I was just wondering if anyone knows what is up with my motherboard. When it boots, everything is fine until it gets to the raid contoller screen. After about a minute of it saying scanning devices it throws up an error message saying that no raid array has been defined. Well i know thats not true as it was working fine the night before and has been for the past month and a half.

The current setup for the raid is 2 x 500GB in RAID 0
The motherboard is an ASRock M3A770DE

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks :)

p.s. im not sure if this has anything to do with it but im sure i had a power outage last night as most of the electronics in my room had been reset.
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  1. I have sorted this out now. I just needed to disconnect power going to the motherboard and reconnect it. i now have a new problem which is one of the drives now will not spin up. not sure if its mechanical or just the board that has gone.
  2. Check your bios.
    Both of those issues can be caused by configuration issues.
    Make sure it's configured appropriately (sounds like it should be set as RAID) and also be sure to check the cables.

    Never know if one was shaken loose when you checked your system.
  3. I have checked the bios and the sata controller mode is in RAID.
    I have removed and re-attached both sata power and data to the drive and it is still not spinning up. (although i did get it spinning again by removing the PCB of the drive and re-attaching it but it was only very breifly, as in spun up beeped and stopped again)
    I'm thinking the drive may be either dead or on its way out.

    thanks for your reply
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