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  1. The build looks solid to me, I am not crazy about the 580...the 570 is more cost effective, but if you have the money to blow more power to you.

    I give it my stamp of approval.
  2. So your saying i should go with the 570 instead. cause i have the money to spend.
  3. If you have the money to spend, why not go ahead right now and do SLi 570s?
  4. mmm what is your monitor resolution? No game really requires more than a 6950 for 1920x1200 resolution. A 570 is stronger of course, but a 580 is an overkill for 1920x1200. Bigger or more monitors change this quickly.
  5. Well im going to buy a 1920x1200 monitor, with my build. but thats not included in this build. so? what do i do? I might But mabye go 2 monitors at the most!
  6. For one monitor then 570 is enough. If two monitors, well then i support 6950 crossfired. Your psu should be enough.
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