Intel pentium 4 2 ghz vs intel celeron 2 53 ghz

Which is the best?
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  1. That depends, are you using it for basic use or gaming? If it is for general basic use then either one of them should do the job for normal everyday task. Such as downloading music, watching movies or videos, etc. If it is for gaming, you might be able to play some games pretty well but as far as high end grahpic games like Gand Theft Auto 4, Grid, Crysis. You are going to need a more powerful CPU.


    Diablotek EVO mid tower case w/ 4 case fans

    AMD Phenom II X 4 3.2 GHz

    ASUS ENGTX 460 TOP graphics card

    ASUS M5A97 EVO Socket AM3+/AM3 970 ATX AMD

    WD 500 GB hard drive

    6 GB AMD Entertainment memory

    600 WATT Inland Power Supply (Gold Series)
  2. Althought the Celeron is faster, it normally has half the cache ram and runs on a slower bus, thus limiting bandwidth.
  3. Pentium 4 overclocks very well as far as i remember (back in the day), but it depends on what Pentium 4 version you have.

    Never tried overclock a celeron, i couldn't imagine much coming of it.
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