The world has lost an HP Jornada 620LX

Excuse me if this is the wrong board. The Jornada is a PDA which you can classify as a mobile computer (As this model ran Windows CE)

About a few minutes ago, I wanted to test out my Jornada and start it up again after a month of inactivity. Right as I plugged it into the power slot, I heard a buzzing noise on the power slot and knowing the sound, I quickly pulled it out as grey smoke followed out the USB and power slot. By now, the smoke has subsided but it now billows a smell of burnt plastic that almost made me gag.

Again, this may be the wrong board, but I am curious to know what exactly went wrong and why it did. Thanks to anyone in advance.
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  1. A serious short circuit caused the PDA to fry. The reasons could be many depending on circumstances. One particular reason that comes to mind is that somehow some liquid got inside the device. Or excessive voltage supplied to the device.
  2. Alright, that really narrows it down. The place it was stored has no moisture and it has not been exposed to liquid so it must have been excessive voltage. Thanks for the reply.
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