Will my Subwoofer damage my Desktop

I have a krk 10 subwoofer and it pounds hard, I have my custom built desktop computer maybe a foot and a half away from my sub, they are both surrounded by my desk(Picture below)
I am wondering will the frequencies/vibration from my subwoofer damage any of the components in my computer I have had this set up for around 3 months now and it just popped into my that I might be damaging my desktop that I spent quite a chunk of change on.

*Also I don't know if it matters but my Rig is on wheels not directly on the ground*

Computer specs:
Nivida GTX 460 in SLI
Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz
Asus P6X58D-E LGA 1366
500GB hard drive(4 of them)
12gb Corsair Ram
Cooler Master HAF 932

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  1. Nice setup! There will not be any problem to the hardware; to your eardrums maybe! :)
  2. Thank you that's a relief to hear
  3. 8thmoon said:
    Thank you that's a relief to hear

    No pun intended? :)
  4. lol didn't catch that when I replied
    so yes no pun intended
  5. 8thmoon said:
    lol didn't catch that when I replied
    so yes no pun intended

    Just a little bit of levity!

    Actually, speakers even when turned up loud are not as bad as earphones turned up loud, as far as hearing damage is concerned.

    Nice system!
  6. nice setup :) but as far as sound loudness goes there won’t be a problem. The problem as you have mentioned is the vibrations made.

    Is your house on stumps/slab? if you can feel heavy vibrations under and throughout the case when the sub is pumping i would be worried. Rattling joints and hdd's to pieces is not a good way for the computer to go.
  7. Your COmponenets No, I Doubt Any Damage WIll Be Done, However Your Machanical Hard Drives I Might Worry A Bit
  8. I'd probably take a room temperature, UNOPENED, bottle of soda/water and set it on top of your case. Run through a gaming session. If the bottle has moved significantly during the gaming session, I'd be worried.

    -Wolf sends
  9. Okay Wolf I'll try that when I start playing Skyrim
    Also I don't know if it matters but my Rig is on wheels not directly on the ground
  10. That Would Prpobably Dampen Viberation A Bit
  11. I strongly suggest that you get a dampening mat of some sort and put your computer on it.

    We used to have something for our couch that would work well. Each corner of the couch (your wheels) was placed on a coaster which had rubber on the bottom to prevent damage to the floor but this also dampens vibration.

    It also works in reverse. Some of your PC's vibrations won't vibrate the floor.
  12. I doubt it will cause damage...its a relatively small and weak subwoofer, so its not going to be putting out any damaging air pressure even in a small enclosed room.

    Wouldn't worry about it.
  13. I wouldn't really call it a weak subwoofer it shakes my whole house but I'm pretty sure its not going to cause any real problems so thanks for all your help.
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