GTX 260 Replacement With GTX 560

Hello. I am planning on upgrading my graphics card mainly for the upcoming game BF3. I really would like to be able to play it on mostly high settings at preferred 1920x1080.
The graphics card I have now is a GTX 260 Maxcore 55. I would like to replace it with either a GTX 560 or GTX 560ti.
I've found this one on the web but want to know if the ti version is a better path or not.
Here is a link to the one I am interested in.

Another thing is will my current system bottleneck that new graphics card. My GTX 260 is running great, but the 560 might need more power.
Current Setup:

Cooler Master HAF 922 Case
BFG Tech 550W PSU
ASUS M48785-M Motherboard
BFG GTX 260 Core 216 maxcore 55
AMD 3.46GHZ x4 Black Edition
Cooler Master N520 CPU Cooler
4gb DDR2 Patriot Extreme 1066mhz ram
SideWinder X4 Keyboard
Razor DeathAdder 3800Dpi Mouse
500gb WD Hard Drive
320gb WD Hard Drive

If my specs will run the card without bottleneck tell me if the 560 or 560ti would be the better choice.

Please respond. Thanks.

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  1. AFAIK, both of the cards'll bottlenecked by ur processor...not in a fair margin won't hurt the performance in gaming...

    get the GTX560Ti...the factory OCed core 850 and/or above...Sparkle Calibre or gigabyte SOC wud be nice... :)

  2. Okay so if I get a 560ti will I gain a big improvement in fps? say 15-20frames?
    And I was thinking of getting a ti anyways.
  3. Quote:
    OK, here's the deal.
    The GTX 560 Ti is better than the 560 of course but the 560 can game quite well.
    which AMD processor do you have specifically.?
    and both you and the other poster thus far have no idea the term bottleneck means.
    that's why I would like to know your exact processor.
    but in general a BE phenom ii x4 @ 3.4 will not bottleneck a single card configuration,
    maybe the GTX 590 or HD 6990 but it can push whatever else..

    also the 560 not sure about the 560 Ti uses LESS power than the 260 so your curent power supply will be suffice.
    the 560 requires 2 6-pin plugs like the 260 does.

    Yeah my processor is a Black Edition Phenom II 3.0ghz overclocked to 3.46ghz
  4. I ment 15-20fps more than my GTX 260?
  5. Oh wow. It uses even less power. Thats good to hear. I will buy the 560ti for sure.
    I should see a huge increase in framerates.
    Thanks alot man for the help.
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