Im torn with a decision, please help!

ok, so Im in the market for a new graphics card, Im an avid gamer if this helps at all. Im not extremely tech savvy but I know my way around a pc and can build one.

I need help deciding whether or not to crossfire my current graphics card which is this:
Current video card

Or should I shell out an extra 100 dollars for this card, and then probably crossfire this card a year or 2 down the road:
Video card I am curious about

Keep in mind my current card has 512MB memory opposed to the 1GB id be getting on the new one. 200 dollars is probably my limit for the moment being on a fixed income.

If anyone could help me out with my decision that would be great!
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  1. get the new one it supports dx 11
  2. +1.
    CrossFiring 2-generation-old graphics card is not worth it. Your new selection is the better investment in the long term.
  3. +1...
    sell the HD4870 then grab the HD6870...
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