Issue With OCZ Vendetta CPU Cooler - Please Help !


I have a Gateway DX4822 that the fan was starting to make some strange noises, so I did some research to look for a new, more efficient (and quieter) cpu cooler.

After looking, I decided on an OCZ Vendetta cooler, to suit the LGA775 mounting.

When I received the cooler, I tried to install it into the motherboard, but noticed that the pins that keep the cooler in place are the "push in" type. The problem, is that the current bracket (that seems to be permanently attached to the rear side of the motherboard - an Asus G43T-AM 2.0) has the screw-in / threaded type of connection, so there is no way that the new "push in" type fill fit (trust me, I gutted the computer and tried for a good hour on my desk).

So, I'm hoping someone can help me, and advise if there is some type of kit that I can use to make this fit - or alternatively, what my options are in regards to an affordable alternative replacement CPU cooler.

At the moment, I've re-installed the old CPU cooler, but now for some reason, even though the CPU is only running @ 80 deg F, the fan is running @ a constant 4580 rpm, which is WAY too loud, as I use the computer in a music-recording environment, where everything needs to be as quiet as possible.

NOTE - I've also tried changing the BIOS, and tried running Speedfan, but all to no avail.

Any ideas would be appreciated to either fix the current fan issue, or to work out how to get the Vendetta to fit - as I'm kind of let down that this new CPU cooler didn't fit, when every document that I could find online before buying it, said that it would.....

Pls help !
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  1. Unfortunaltely, you bought a piece of crap.

    Go and buy this, you won't be sorry:
  2. abekl said:
    Unfortunaltely, you bought a piece of crap.

    Go and buy this, you won't be sorry:

    Thanks for responding to my post. Will this Cooler Master screw right into the existing bracket -? As any "push in" type of connectors will not fit it - they must be screw in.

    Also, in the pics attached to your link, I noticed that there is a backing plate - mine seems to be help in place at each corner, and looks like it should not be removed (no bolts holding it in).

    Thanks again.
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