Motherboard For Intel i5 3570(NON K) Processor.


I am building a rig with the following components,

i5 3570(Non K)
Corsair Vengeance 4gb DDR3
Corsair CX430v2
NZXT Gamma

What mobo should I pick? I am not gonna overclock or use much of the features, I may add a graphics card in the future? What should be a good board to pick in the price range of 60-80$ ? I am from India though.

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I recommend a low end z77 board for it's overall value and features, even if you don't overclock the cpu.

    Here's another one:

    Here's a cheaper B75 board: (no hdmi port included)

    The B75 boards come with sata III and usb 3.0 support; I don't recommend the h61 or h77 boards if you want these features. The H61 boards won't even post with your ivy bridge cpu unless you flash the bios first with a sandy bridge cpu.
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