CPU goes from 40c to 98c in seconds

Like the title said my i5-2500k will idle at 40c and in seconds when i open a game i goes extremely high
My pc specs are MSI P67A-G45(B3)
Evga GTX 560ti
i5-2500k @ 3.30GHz
650Watt power supply
500 gb hard drive
Intel stock fan

I used programs like Real Temp and Core temp to measure the temp. They are both identical. I have checked my processor and there are no pins broke. I called MSI because I dont want to pay a computer store to diagnose if my motherboard is broke and they said to send it in for it to get checked. I updated my bios like MSI said and my chipset to the latest version. I am using radioshack thermal paste because I cleaned the processor and needed thermal paste. I ordered a Hyper 212 heatsink and Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste to see if it would fix it. I would love if somebody could help because I would like to play games.
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    Have you installed the hyper212 and arctic silver yet? I think that when you have you'll see your temps come down significantly.

    Remember when applying thermal paste, just a little dab in the center of the cpu.
  2. No I did a little research and after spending HOURS trying to get it fixed I went with the idea of a better heatsink and thermal paste.
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