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i have a EVGA geforce 440 gt at the moment. i like it but it doesnt have the power for me to run my games on high settings, i tried playing crysis 2 with it and it lagged like a mofo. i allready have a 1000w antec power supply so it wont be a problem with power. i just dont know what card to get to max that game out and several others such as napoleon total war and shogun total war.
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  1. What's your resolution and the rest of your build? Your 1000w is major overkill atm.
  2. im not sure what my resolution is im playing on a 60in vizio tv. rest of my build is amd phenom ii x4 925, foxconn aloe h-rs880-uatx motherboard, dvd drive and burner drive, western digital 1tb hard drive running at 7200 rpm.
  3. I'd wait for Black Friday and snag a 6850/6870 or 460/560 that's going to be ridiculously cheap. Then use your 440 as a PhysX card. Unless you're willing to spend more that is but remember that the more you spend the smaller the performance gains will be.
  4. If you want to max out crysis 2 running DX9 mode 1080p resolution, a 6870 or gtx560 are what you need. If you want to max it out with the DX11 patch, you need a gtx570 or amd 6970 or better, preferably sli/crossfire of 2 top end cards. Honestly, you cant tell the diff between medium and max settings in crysis 2 until you install the dx11 patch.
  5. Get a Gigabyte 6850 graphics card. Excellent card for HD gaming. Later, if you feel the need, you can add in another as your motherboard supports crossfire.
  6. Quote:
    what's your budget.?

    I don't have one.
  7. 4870x2card said:
    I don't have one.

    well that simplifies things, get the most expensive card, a gtx590.
  8. i havent overclocked my 925 at all. and i have a 1000w antec power supply. which i know its overkill but its worth it in my opinion.
  9. no it is prebuilt but i changed the power supply and graphics card only two things that have been changed. the original pieces i think was a ati radeon 4350 and a 350w power supply.
  10. I think the biggest card that will fit is 9in?
  11. K will do.
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