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Hi, I don't know if any of you have ever gotten this virus, but it's when you try to search for something and you will be redirected to google analytics. It also causes ads to pop up in new tabs. The biggest problem of this virus is it seems to be slowing down all the processes of my computer and I will have freezing in games that I've never had freezing issues with before.

Most of the searches on google redirect tell you to download some sort of virus protection, I've tried Spybot and I've tried Zonealarm; both programs won't get rid of the problem. I've tried looking in the device manager for TDSSserv.sys and disabling that but it wasn't in my device manager. I've tried editing the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc file and removing anything below the localhost, and still nothing. I even disconnected the internet, reformatted, then reconnected and I still get these problems.

Please help!
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  1. If you reformated and re-installed Windows there is no way you would get this again unless you restored your files back on the computer without checking them, or went and did again whatever caused the issue.

    Since you just re-installed Windows, do it again, don't move any of your files over, and see what happens. Do you have a firewall running? If not, would be a good idea to get a router to put between the modem and your computer if nothing than for the built-in firewall and privite IP on the computer.
  2. More importantly, are you on YOUR own network? If not, who administers it?

    Sounds like DNS hi-jacking to me.
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