New build prime95 problem

i have just finished my new build..
intel 3930k
asus rampage iv extreme
hyper 212+
g.skill 16gb 1600mhz
( this is the ram
corsair 800d
corsair hx 850 watt
xfx 5850

every time i run prime95 i am allow to only run 4 threads for a while once it goes to 5 threads it runs for about a minute then my computer restarts.. the temps at 4 threads is about 50 degrees celcius...

and idk how to get memtest working.. i have the iso burned to a cd but it does not boot in to it..
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  1. nope not overclocked at all.. stock everything... i wanted to see it the build it self would be stable on its own( should have been all the parts were listed under the mb compatibility list well the ram anyways)
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