Two questions about 6770

Two questions.

I have a GTX 470 in my computer now, and I also own 2 6770 that a freind gave me. Would I see a noticeable difference in performance with the Xfire 6770?

My board has 4 pci-e slots 2-16X and 2-16X running at 4X. If i buy a third 6770 would it bring down the other two 16X slots to 8X? Or would staying with 2 Xfire be better?

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  1. 1. No

    2. Don't bother the 470 is just as fast and won't give you multi-gpu issues.
  2. Why not use the two 6770 (I have never seen stutter and I was using a 5750 and a 5770 Xfire) and then use the 470 for PhysX on one of the PCIx16 X4 slots. I know there is a mod to use both brands together but I am not sure if you can mix it with Xfire. Yeah the 470 is OVERKILL for a physX card but if you got, why not use it??? Unless you sell it all and buy a GTX 580.

    Apparently you can use Xfire and PhyX see

    Have Fun!!
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