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I just updated my BIOS on my P67 Extreme 4 mobo. I want to install a 3770K so I now have BIOS version P3.10.

I have confirmed in CPU-Z that the BIOS is indeed P3.10, so it seems to have succeeded. However, in the instructions, it said I must also update the AXTU (ASRock Extreme Tuner Utility) to the newest version in order to run Ivy Bridge chips.

I don't use the OS-accessible overclock utilities, I go directly into the BIOS if I need to overclock. Do I still need to install this if I want to pop in my 3770K? That is, is it necessary to have the overclock tuner installed for the Ivy Bridge to work, or do they just mean that you have to update it prior to installing the new chip if you ever want to run it?
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  1. No you won't have to update the OS utilities unless your gonna use it to check temps BT you can use core temp to check that. So you should be fine!. Enjoy your new CPU!
  2. Thanks, I had no problems updating the BIOS or swapping in the 3770K. Strange thing though, Speedfan says my cores are running at ridiculously low temps, 5C, 9C, 10C.....up to 20C under load. Did I jack my motherboard sensors up when I was manhandling the board (I had to remove it to install the backplate to the cooler because the stupid MB tray opening was ~5mm too small!!) or, is Ivy supposed to run that cool (I have a Noctua NH-U9B, so nothing really special in the way of cooling so what gives)?
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    No its probably just the temp sensor bugs in the software. Your probably just fine. Try the software I recomended called Core Temp. Core temp reads the temps pretty well ALSO check your BIOS for temps as well
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  5. Glad I was able to help. I have a ASRock mobo and while I like its features and the THX sound chip on it... I am more of a ASUS guy my self
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