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I don't know if this is an XP problem or something else. I've got a brand new box with an Epox 8KHA+ sporting an Athlon 1600XP and I'm running Windows XP Professional. All has been fine for about a week and now suddenly, when I power it down from XP (Start/Turn Off Computer/Turn Off) it will shut down and then immediately restart again ! This has worked fine for a week, it used to shut down and then power off the machine. Now, for some strange reason, its decided that it when I said "Shut Down", I really meant "Restart" and it just bounces and comes up again - very annoying! Is this controllable in XP or maybe BIOS somewhere that I've accidentally set?

All I've done recently is install a network card and hook that to another NT 4 box. Could this be tricking it somehow into restarting? Does traffic on the LAN force a reboot rather than shutdown?"

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  1. Interesting update: I've just done a clean re-install of XP (don't ask) and now it shuts down fine. Here goes the sequential "add stuff back in one by one and figure out what broke it" trick !
  2. Maybe XP has a resume on lan option that was enabled and as you installed XP before you put your lan card in it may have been switched on. Stick in you LAN card a way hay - wake on lan has a use.

    Dunno just a thought.

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  3. Interesting thought techie. I haven't seen anything like that. Of course, now I've reinstalled everything back to the way it was before and it's still working fine. I tried unplugging the LAN cable from the card, but that didn't work, it still bounced.

    There's some interesting Power Options in Control Panel, but nothing specific to LAN card. Maybe a setting here got broken somewhere along the way.
  4. Yeah, I recently installed XP and I got the same exact issues. I did a clean install and at the shutdown screen, it says "Windows Shutting Down" and after a few seconds, it goes back to restarting. I have no idea why this is and I've never had it working properly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. not sure, but I think wake-up-on-LAN is something only the BIOS can do. I would look there.
  6. Wake on lan is activated/deactivated through the BIOS. So disable power management and thats it gone. Also disable all power management through windows and see if that helps.

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  7. unless the lan card suppots Wake on lan, and you plugged the WOL cable from the lan card to the motherboard, then I souldnt have thought that that is the problem. Also, depending on the bios, disabling PM may or may not dissable WOL, I shouldnt think this is the problam in your case, you cant wake from OFF, you can wake from standy/sleep etc

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  8. If you have Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.0 and have not installed the patches or updates, that can do it. Mine did that until I installed the updates.... Very Important!
  9. some mobos (for instance my asus cusl2-c) will do this if Fast-Sutdowns is enabled


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