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I'm a new user of the Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition laptop and I don't know how to activate the touch screen of it. Could you help me, please?
Thanks for your attention
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    Are you sure your laptop has a touch screen? Looking at Dell product page, I can't see any touch-screen-enabled models from this series.

    If there were a touch screen, you would see a label with a finger on it placed prominently somewhere.
  2. Ok, thanks ;)
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  4. Yeah, my laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15R as well, it is touch enabled and a week old. However, I can't figure out how my touch screen got disabled, how do I re-enable this feature again? Thank you.

    As far as your laptop being touch enabled, I'd say one way to find out is going into your hidden device bar, and look for a keyboard. If it has this onscreen keyboard, then your computer is more than likely to be a touch screen.
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