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I just upgraded my CPU to an i5 2500k
so now I need a new cooler, which one will u guys recommend me?
im into modding and stuff, so blue leds will be +1 :p
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  1. Cooler master hyper 212+
    Cooler master V6GT if you want to spend the money.
  2. would you consider custom water cooling with blue cathodes? =P
  3. What case do you have? What's your budget?
  4. Rugger said:
    What case do you have? What's your budget?

    my case is antec nine hundred two, willing to spend arround £50
  5. Plenty of room for large air cooler.
    Best price-performance cooler right now is the 212+ EVO that amuffin recommended:

    Review: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/LGA-2011-i7-3960X-Air-Overclocking,3130.html

    It's low cost allows you to upgrade/swap fans and still be well under the cost of the more expensive NH-D14 or CNPS12X. Easier to fit/install in a case, too.
  6. check out the Antec Kuhler H20 920, its amazing and has a fully customizable RGB light that you can customize to just about any color you want.
  7. You could get the CM 212+ or Evo that have been mentioned, and then get a couple of 120mm fans with LEDs.
  8. I'D go with the evo .
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