Does unlocking 8 cores on fx 8120 void warranty?

I booted up my PC the other day and on the menu thing that comes before the OS starts, it said something like Press 4 to unlock processor. I accidently pressed 4 and now when I boot it says '8 cores in use' It's an 8 core processor so I expected 8 cores to be activate already. Has this void my warranty, and, if so, how do i undo this?
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  1. No...
  2. Well by OS you mean BIOS right?, other wise we have stepped back about 20 years where press this key key= target command, target command=next key. ha sorry just had to come up with a algorithm real quick. But dude your CPU should already come with all 8 activated. R u sure you didnt go into bios and see that all 8 logical Processors were there. But anyways no your warranty is void if you activate cores. Its when you OC that's when you void warranty
  3. If you cant see all the cores, try going to "start > run > msconfig > advanced boot > change all cores to 8 and restart". Otherwise i don't know what you mean by unlocking your already 8 core CPU. =P
  4. It should already be 8 "cores". I don't know exactly what you did since I'm not sitting there with you but I really don't think it voided your warranty.
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    The motherboard has the ability to 'unlock' cores if the chip physically has them, like an X3 has four cores but one is disabled, the chip still has 4 cores present on die,
    Your 8120 has four bulldozer modules, which technically is two cores per module which shows in task manager etc as you having eight cores, you haven't unlocked anything and unless you have overclocked, have not voided your warranty
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  7. Thank you for best answer,
  8. Thank you all so very much, you have put my mind @ ease. and thanks to Moto for explaining it
  9. Hello. I also have fx8120. I went to msconfig in the advanced options and changed the number of cores to 8. Then i went to the advanced bios menu ->CPU core control -> 1 core per compute unit -> enabled ....
    But still when i look at the logs from 3dmark 11 or any other benchamark for that maner i see 4cores/8 threads instead of 8cores/8threads like in every other 3dmark result report in their website. So whats wrong here?
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