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putting together a new build. i got an i5 2500k ( dont know if i will be overclocking yet), asus p8p67 pro mother board, gigabyte gtx 570 sli, 1 tb 7200 sata hdd, blu ray writer, 2 sticks (4 gb each) corsair vegance mem., 2 case fans and ( forgot the name brand) a bigger cpu fan than the stock one. i hear sooo many different recommendations from people about the psu. i got a corsair gs800 psu. 800 watts with a single 12v rail (65amps) and a 5 and 3 i believe which can both get 25 amps according to the specs. will this be sufficent to power my rig? i personally think that totall system draw will be around 700 maybe a little more so the psu would be right around 85-90% (mayeb a tad higher) totall power. and it is 80 plus certified. just want to know what others think. if i can get 3-5 years with it running smooth i would be happy. thanks for any input.
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  1. now that i think about it, totall system draw ahould be less ten 700 but i could be wrong...
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