No power after motherboard installation

I have been installing a new MOBO and CPU. To the best of my knowledge everything appears to be connected up ok, but i have no power. Pressing the power button does exactly nothing.

At the moment I have two suspicions, but i would be very grateful for any insights the community could shine on this for me.

1. I accidentally plugged the cases IEEE 1394 connector into a usb 2.0 connection on the MOBO. I am concerned as I found this in the case manual. . It is unclear as to whether this suggests I may have damaged the case or the MOBO?

2. Slightly less suspicious this may be the problem but i would like to ask, my PSU has a an 8pin CPU power cable which splits in two, formally i was using all 8 pins, this MOBO requires 4. Should just using one half of this connector be sufficient? If so is there a certain half that should be used, they look in distinguishable.


Power connector:
Mother Board Connector:

• Gigabyte Z77-D3H
• i5 3750 3.4Ghz
• Coolermaster Mystique 632
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  1. [SOLVED] I had a standoff in the wrong place. Caused the motherboard to short out. Excellent guide
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