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Alright guys.

So I play World of Warcraft. I recently purchased a new Lenovo laptop, Win7 PC.

I'm having some graphics issues. The graphics keep tearing in-game, and it's getting pretty friggen annoying.

I've already installed patches, updated drivers, all that fun stuff. It still doesn't look right.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Turn down your graphical settings.
  2. Have you tried Vsync? If so, how is this tearing distinct from standard asynchronized horizontal tearing?
  3. enable vsync. also try another game, see if that works ok or if its the same problem.
  4. vsync hasnt helped. settings are turned all the way down. i think it might be an actual problem with the graphics card. the screen keeps tearing.
  5. horizontally tearing? its a vsync problem. enabling vsync in the driver doesnt always work properly in games. Does the game itself have vsync? make sure it is on in the game and in the driver. check the refresh rate your monitor is set to is correct, and the resolution is the monitors native resolution. Are you using a DVI cable? try another cable.
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