Help with my $1200 system please?

I need some help with my new build.
Any changes I need to do? Are their any recommendations?
Please note I live in Canada and all I prefer to get things from Newegg.CA not .com
Over clocking: CPU only (I might try GPU and RAM one day though)

Use: Gaming, Web browsing

Games: TF2, SC2, Dragon age and maybe skyrim (But I'm okay with playing on low)

Purchase date: Ill be buying this after Christmas.







Mouse + Keyboard:


Wireless adapter:


DVD Drive:

HDD: Ill wait till the prices arn't crazy. If they don't go down soon I may go with Ivy Bridge and Radeon 7xxx instead.

Grand Total: $1,172.37

It took a lot of little changes to get everything to work in the budget and id hate to have to go past $1200 but if its worth it and is the PSU sufficient?
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  1. get it from <<< FREE SHIPPING OMG.

    Anyway, if you plan to wait until hdd prices go down. Rumors sound hopeful as it seems that it's mid next year that HDD prices will stabilze.
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