is 250w power supply enough?

try to build my first pc:

amd duron 750mhz
abit kt7-r mobo
128mb sdram pc133 mem
xpert 128 16mb agp video card
sound blaster live sound card
30gb udma 100 hd
12x dvd rom

have a antec ks382 mini-tower case with 250w power supply, is it enough power for the system? anything else to consider?

many thanks!
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  1. Make certain that it is approved by AMD, if not you may experiance strange errors.


    Take your pill, and get some sleep.
  2. Go with a 300W P/S.

    -MP Jesse
  3. Make shure:
    a) the +5vsb has at least 1.5A
    b) +5V and +12V combined power is at least 150W

    A safe power supply should be the [standard ATX 2.03]
    Ordinary ATX PSU have a +5vsb with only 1A. It's not enough!

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