Is my hard drive bad?

I have a HP dx2450 with XP system. I've rebooted from original disc. I then ran Insight Diagnostics Disk, ant had 2 test fail: 1. SATA Hard Disk 1 controller slot 0 Hard Drive short offline selftest, and 2. SATA Hard Disk 1, Controller slot 0 HD extended offline selftest failed . Everyother test was ok. Does this mean My hard drive is fried? I'd like to know before I order a hard drive. Thank you. BB
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  1. Yup.
  2. Sounds like it.
    I had an hdd failure last week.
    Passed all test running Seatools except extended.
    Was flagged as defective and given an error code which automatically initiates Seagate rma procedure.
    Promptly replaced by Seagate.
    Easiest rma i've encountered by far.
  3. thanx to all
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