Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme crashes on every game

Hey guys,

I recently bought a Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme after my graphics card broke. Since then I haven't managed to play a game successfully. It runs for about 30-1 minute then crashes, different games give different error messages. Duke Nukem Forever gives me the following error: IDirect3DVertexBuffer9::Lock failed.

My PC:
OS: Windows 7 Premium
Motherboard: Asrock X58 Extreme
CPU: i7 930
RAM : 3x 2gb Corsair xms3
Video Card: Sapphire HD 5850 Xtreme
PSU: Huntkey Jumper 550w
Monitor: Samsung 226BW (DVI)
Hard drives: 2tb Sumsung hd204ui
Number of fans present: 5

Any Help would be great.
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  1. I would expect your psu to be the culprit especially housing a 130w rated cpu.
  2. the PSU got a great review, it can produce a lot more than 130w. Make sure you have the latest direct x installed, update windows, update your drivers, re-seat the graphics card in the slot, make sure the game is updated, you may need to update your motherboard BIOS. Try all that and get back to us.
  3. Also, make sure you have fully uninstalled the old card's drivers. Use ghostbuster or something.
  4. Hey guys,

    Updates MB Bios, Installed DirectX again, Updated windows, Updated drivers/down graded drivers and updated game. I have probably spent about 8 hours trying to figure this one out.

    Should also point out that I ran Furmark and Prime95 at the same time using 5500mb of RAM and had no problems. Seems to only crash when it is in a game.

    Viski: I have previously uninstalled all video drivers.
  5. ghnader hsmithot said:
    I would expect your psu to be the culprit especially housing a 130w rated cpu.

    I agree with this assessment. There could well be a fault with the PSU that has caused the original GPU to die and now it is causing the replacement to act up. The new GPU is at potential risk and the possibility the PSU is causing the problem must be eliminated one way or the other.
  6. Yes, the PSU might be highly rated but that doesn't mean you can't get a bad one. Could you borrow someone else's PSU to check?
  7. Ok, fair enough. I will try to track down a PSU to borrow. I did think that if it was a problem with the PSU when I ran furmark I would have serious problems but I didn't.
  8. The thing is, furmark will totally floor the GPU but when you play a 3d game it pretty much floors the entire system, so you'll definitely see a higher energy usage when playing a game as compared to fur.

    Here's a good test: run furmark while running prime95. If that clears, then your PSU isn't the problem.

    Edit: Should read moar
  9. Quote:
    Should also point out that I ran Furmark and Prime95 at the same time using 5500mb of RAM and had no problems. Seems to only crash when it is in a game.
  10. I looked in the event viewer and found some info that may be useful. This is what windows is saying is happening "Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

    Any ideas?
  11. SOLVED!!!

    Ok, I am not sure exactly what I did because I was doing so many different things but the instructions below seemed to be the one that fixed me. Hope this can help someone else not have to spend about 20 hours trying to fix this fault.

    Download the latest version of your drivers, but dont install them yet!

    Anyways Download a copy of Nasty File Remover from

    Install it but dont run it yet.

    Right click on My Computer and select manage, then expand the Device Manager option.

    Double click on your display adapter and then choose Uninstall for your graphics card.

    Do not reboot if asked.

    Go in to Add/Remove programs and uninstall anything that mentions ATI or Nvidia depending on which graphics card you have.

    Again dont reboot if asked.

    Now go to your C: and your C:\program Files and again look for any folders called ATI or Nvidia depending on what model GFX card you have. Delete these folders and their contents.

    Now run NFR and once again depending on whether it is ATI or Nvidia, select the appropriate option and unclick the custom option.

    Now I cant quite remember the next step and cant run the program without accidentally removing my own graphics drivers, but you need to make sure it is only deleting gfx drivers in the list and not any motherboard drivers if you have an Nvidia motherboard too.

    Choose the option to delete the files.

    then restart your computer, if prompted to re-install the GFX after the restart, click cancel, then run NFR again and repeat the same process you did before.

    Run NFR another 2 times to make sure it cant delete any more files.

    now restart again and click cancel to the prompts regarding new hardware found. Run the driver install you downloaded earlier, then reboot and you should be good to go!
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