Problem Installing Motherboard Drivers

I am building my own computer and I am at the point where I am doing the finishing touches of installing the drivers for the motherboard and graphics card. I am having issues with installing the chipset driver and the lan/nic driver.

It is an Asus motherboard- F1 A75-M PRO R2.0
The chipset is an AMD A75 FCH
The NIC is a Realtek 8111F Gigabit LAN controller.

Basically, I have downloaded the drivers on my laptop and put them on a flash drive, but when I open the NIC driver up on the new computer I'm not sure where to go with it. I used the setup application and it says that it was installed fine but I have no internet connection, and it says it doesn't detect any networks.

The issue I have encountered with the chipset driver is that there is not a clear setup application for me to start up. I don't know where to begin for installing it.

The link for both driver downloads is here:

If there is any more information needed let me know or if I seem uneducated about anything, feel free to make me aware of it, as I am completely new to this kind of stuff.
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  1. Check windows device manager for conflicts and uninstall any devices that aren't working. Check your device drivers on the usb drive and see if any are in zipped format and need unzipping before you run the setup program. Windows 7 should find all the drivers without the need for the motherboard cd. What internet service do you use?
  2. Earthlink is my internet service. I have unzipped the chipset driver folder and I still am not seeing any sort of setup program.

    The driver for the LAN device installed fine but I still have no access to internet.
  3. I tried just using the motherboard cd to install the LAN driver and I still have no access to the internet. However I did install the chipset driver on the cd and it worked fine.
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