Noctua NH-D14 vs Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme

Hi guys , i have trouble testing a cooler for my cpu , cz no shop allows me to do that here , i just should Buy & i should be sure about my decision

Ok i have phenom 955Be & it goes over 64C & i hardly keep it under 62 C

i have gaming CASE so its just about crap Fan on CPu it self

now which one i should go for ,

1.Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme

2.Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler

, many told me that COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO , but i need something Biger & better & Safe for Future , I rly want no trouble while gaming , i wanna closer my head & look trought the case & see LED showing something lower than 55C & not 64 wowwww . ( while gaming ) , i have no problem while normal use cz its 35 C

SO just tell me which of those options are best ! & can they rly Cool Down my CPU ? how much Cooler ? is it SAFE decision ?

My Case is GREEN GAMING X3 ! New stuff :D
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  1. Link the retailer site please.
    Is this the site in the middle east somewhere?
  2. You meant Tuniq ? its

    But i tought Tuniq Tower 120 extreme is Famous Stuff !
  3. Yes the Tuniq is fine and comes with very good paste.
  4. I like Tuniq Towers. I got LGA 775 versions (way back in 2008) for my E6600 in my HTPC and for my Q9450 in my primary PC. I'm not too crazy about the included fan, but then again I have a tendency to replace any and all fans that comes a PC case or 3rd party heatsink. I don't touch the GPUs though.

    The Tuniq Tower can passively cool my E6600 which I don't OC anyway.
  5. You can read user reviews of the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme @ newegg.

    Out of 126 reviews it actually got 68% for 5 stars and 24% for 4 stars for a total of 92% (110) very favorable reviews.
  6. Ok ok , but what about Noctua NH-D14 ? 2 heatsinks 3 big coolers ?

    I know both are great , just wanna know which one is better ? Tuniq or Noctua ?
  7. Noctua with 2 heatsinks and 3 fans only gets 4-5 degrees over my Zalmans CNPS 11X, it is heavy and cumbersome not to mention stupid looking, if you have a side window serious opt away from the Noctua on aesthetic appeal.

    The Zalmans comes with a nice blue LED, good thermal grease and delivers high end cooling, weighs nothing and looks nice.
  8. But i saw they R using Noctua for Cooling & OCing high end CPus ?

    SO u guys say that Tuniq is better ?
  9. Cm on Guys , im In HURRY ! I rly need to grab one ASAP . Please please please & plEZ
  10. The Noctua is high quality, you really can't do to much better for $85
  11. Noctua D14 is the one u should go for
    ( Consider the Corsair H100 too ... )
  12. Noctua ! Got it ! Any more Vots for Noctua ? ARE you Sure that I should forget about Tuniq ?

    & One more question , will Noctua keep my Phenom 955 BE under 60C ( I want it to be in Safe range ) no matter how heavy game im playing .
  13. The DH14 is priced how it is, and gotten the awards it has for a reason. While it ain't pretty it is damn good at doing what it does.
  14. Keep in mind, if you are running 4 sticks of RAM with tall heatsinks you may have clearance issues with both of these heatsinks.
  15. It worked fine with Ripjaws X and they have rather high profile heat spreaders, should be okay. You have to worry more about gross factor and the fact the thing is heavy, poor strain on your motherboard.
  16. Thx , Ok can u say if it will fit in my case ?

    Its Green Gaming X3
  17. NOCTUA (HxWxD) 160mmx140mmx158mm

    CASE 450mmx220mmx490mm

    It should be fine.

    If you are looking for something smaller and prettier, the Zalmans CNPS 11X is great, not to much of a drop off from the Noctua, has smaller dimensions and keeps your system cool. I have summer ambient temps of around 28-34 degrees centigrade and the cooler keeps it around the 28-32 range, 45-55 load. (running stock speeds)

    That said the Noctua is a great unit.
  18. No no its fine , I dont care about Apperance , most important is Stuff Quality

    & since it will fit properly then I can say its JUST GREAT ! Zalmans CNPS 11X ? ill consider it too ! thx alot for all info
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