Help please overheating problem

hi all really hoping someone can help me out here, this is my last resort before i chuck the pc through window,

this is my third attemp at making this thread as i get so far then the pc shuts off instantly,

my pc is about 4 year old, heres the specs

amd athlon 64 5000+

abit kn9 ultra

nvidea 8800 GTS 320 mg

5 Gb DDR 2 Ram Corsair
750 Gb HDD

the pc started shutting off a few months ago, since then its got worse , it only did it when i started a game or played music,

so i decided o download some temperature software to keep an eye on the temps, and i thought it was off that it was idling at 50 degrees

and when i open a program it shoots up tp over 100 degrees then shuts off

i have changed my pc case for a new 1 with more fans, and it still crashed

i decided to put new thermal paste and reseat the heatsink ( hoovering out all the dust first) and still it crashes

so i thought it might need a format as i was still using xp that had been installed on the pc since i got it,

so today i put windows 7 on , hoping and praying it wouldent crash, anywayz i managed to get it installed but soon as it started updating with windows Booom it went off again

no blue screen of death, no errror when rebooted , nothing , it just boots up like nothing happend,

anyways here a screen shot of my temps when windows 7 is updating ( i cant actually finsh the update process without it turning off, if someone can suggest anything i havent allready tried
then please do

also my pc is in my living room we only use central heating and never gets above 24 degrees in the room
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  1. What CPU cooler do you have?

    I know you re-seated it, but is it a Passive or Active heatsink?

    If it is Active, check the fan. Make sure it is working
  2. im not 100% what the difference is lol , but the fan is working, and spinning at about 3500 rpm
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