Fan is very LOUD

My work recently gave me 2 Desktop pc's for free that they were throwing out.

I know the basics around software and hardware but no expert.

Both these machines have a 80mm fan on front that's directed directly over the CPU.

The second you turn the machine on these fans fire up at full pelt and are very very LOUD, they stay at this speed constantly. I don't know how fast they are going but if i put a piece of card about an inch away from the plastic grill on front the machine it sucks it against it, almost as good as a vacume cleaner.

Any idea how i can make this quieter?

I have listed more details below but thought may be bit too much info.

The machines they gave me are Lenovo Think Centres spec as follows-

Unsure on the motherboard,
Processor is Intel E7300 2.67ghz processor,
280w PSU,
2GB of 1066mhz DDR-3,
and a DVD-RW Duel layer drive.
It is in a slimline case (ie any cards fitted must be low profile)
No hard drives(work have kept due to sensitive information)

My plan was to give my dad one to replace an old single core machine he's running and to have the second myself as i currently don't have a desktop just two laptops (Personal and Work). Both myself and my dad are casual gamers nothing heavy, mostly RTS's nothing majorly graphical.

I have put the machine i'm using to one side for now as I am not as in need as my father who's machine is struggling with a few games he plays.

I took the one machine and added the second 2gb ram from other machine boosting it to 4gb and added a Nvidia 210 512mb(Low Profile) i have added there hard drive from previous machine which is 320gb 7200rpm seagate. Its running on windows 7 and is great....other than the noise.

The second machine i have purchased 320gb 7200 rpm hard drive, 8gb (4x2gb) of kingston hyper blue 1333mhz memory(fastest and most the mother board could take according to crucial website, and a ATI 6570 2gb(low profile) graphics card (all of which are on the way in post so ill let you know how that goes but i already know the fan has the same thing happening).

Please help.
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  1. i've already heard that when the psu is not enought for the computer the coolers may work like that, they do this noise even without the graphics card??? 280w is too low for a 6570. changing the psus probably will fix your issue, you need a good quality 400w psu (minimum)
  2. i did think this but it does it even before putting any graphics cards in, ive even unplugged the dvd drive so it literally runs the motherboard processor and 1 stick of ram.

    Yeah i realise i may have to change the psu to get full performance out of the graphics card i havent even got that yet wanna get machine number one running well first.
  3. using a so weak psu with that graphics card can certainly kill it, and other components from the computer, so better wait for a new psu before testing with the 6570; (i have already toasted 2 GeForce6600[old] with a 300w psu, were working normally when suddenly glyphs on the screen and video turned off...)

    the 80cm fans you are saying are from the cpu cooler or they are a case fan, if they are not necessary [case] turn them off, and see if the noise continues, some fans can be really loud, and you can buy one with less noise.

    but anyways i would change psu before running it again with the 6570;
  4. think you missed my point i dont even have a 6570 yet.

    This is the machine running just the processor a hard drive and 2gb other components at all no dvd drive, no graphics card just the vga port from motherboard. i want to get it working at reasonable noise level before i even consider putting any graphics card of any sort into the machine.
  5. and no it is the cpu cooler not a case fan, its a compact case, only fans are cpu cooler and the psu fan can you upload pics to these feeds.
  6. well maybe because it is a compact pc they set the cooler at maximum speed or something? are you sure this noise isn't normal?

    anyways like you will need to change psu, i would change it and see if the noise problem is gone also check if the cpu fan isn't set at maximum speed, maybe you can change the cpu fan for an aftermarket cooler if you find one compatible.
  7. it could be normal to be fair, i guess in a noisey office it might not seem that loud but when you can hear it from a different room in my quiet flat its quite annoying,

    ok sombody also surgested there may be a bios setting i can change to lower max rpm, any ideas?

    if i was to keep my current psu any surgestions on graphics cards? like i said the geforce 210 seems to run fine and from quick search i think the 520 gt might and perhaps the ati 5450.

    thanks for all your help.
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