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As stated in the title above my cpu is an AMD Athlon II x4 960T Black Edition. Currently it is not overclocked and its running with the stock fan. My questions are: Is Core Temp accurate? If so why does my bios show my CPU temp as 30-43 degrees celcius? Also bios has it set up to where the fan wont kick up to max speed unless the CPU reaches 70 degrees celcius is that normal? If not should I change it to where it will kick the fan to max speed at a lower degree or what? Core Temp reads my cpu at being 20-30 degrees celcius. What im wondering is if its doing a cumulative readout and the bios is doing a specific core temp or what? Thank you in advance for any assistance with this matter?
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  1. running an OS will increase the CPU usage slightly. i would change the fan settings so it will start at about 55 degrees. =P
  2. In the BIOS your CPU is running full speed. This is why it will show higher temps then when your idling on the desktop.

    ^-- and agree with the 2 posters above.
  3. And I believe AMD processors (Phenom IIs) only have one common temp sensor for all the cores. They will all read the same in Core Temp. And ditto Chainsaw.
  4. well thanks for all the replies i will make those changes that makes sense Chainzsaw that it will be higher in bios than on desktop i will change it to kick up to max fan speed at 55 degrees celcius; on another not as important not where do i go to put my system build to show up when i post
  5. chosen12k6 said:
    where do i go to put my system build to show up when i post

    In your Profile/Forum Options/Signature. But I notice sometimes it disappears and I have to do it again.
  6. thanks clutchc
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