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So i did a complete system update. Fresh windows 7 ultimate 64 bit install new everything save for my case and well i have a problem. I go to watch something youtube, VLC, movie, anything. itll play fine at first then the sound will become static or cut all together. My mouse will stop working and i cant do anything no task manager or anything. all i can do is reboot via button.

IDK whats going on here i think my gfx card might be the issue but ill post my specs and the one thing odd about my card and see what people say here.

BIOSTAR TA990FXE AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT90ZFBGRBOX

SAPPHIRE 100338L Radeon HD 6770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card (dxdiag says its running 750 mb though)

Patriot Gamer 2 Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model PGD38G1600ELK

2 500gb SATA HDD

650 Watt Logisys PSU

I cant think of anything else that might be needed to help solve this issue. I think its the gfx card since its reading at 750 mb yet its supossed to be a 1 gb card.
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  1. Should note the GFX card uses catalyst manager or what ever the heck that is. This new stuff is getting over my head a little bit.

    Should also note as long as i run no videos of any kind the computer is 100% fine. I even played portal for about 10 min and nothing. It seems to be linked directly to playing any video though.
  2. still need help plz
  3. Check the drivers. that's the only thing that comes to mind
  4. as far as i can tell the drivers are up to date if i goto sapphires website etc it just gives me catalyst to download. driver info from device manager is:
    Date: 10/12/11
  5. still seeking help please. i dotn want to have to return these parts until i know if theyre bad or if i have something screwed up in the install
  6. RMAd the gfx card problem persists. Still need help PLEASE! RMAing the motherboard. starting to second guess this site and help it can provide. Are these parts even compatible?
  7. Sounds like drivers to me, too. Sometimes the card manufacturers don't keep up the support so much. Try doing what it says on AMD's page on how to clean install drivers.
  8. Had tried that before RMAing th gfx card problem persisted.
  9. cyrus9586 said:
    Had tried that before RMAing th gfx card problem persisted.

    OK, but that's not what you said---you said you went to Sapphire and that there was only a Catalyst download, when there are more downloads there. Also, even on the Sapphire site, the drivers are newer than the ones you name.
  10. Ok so after getting the new gfx card it updated drivers to 11.11 for catalyst after confirming that didnt work i had already tried a clean driver install from AMD. Sorry forgot to add that info.
  11. cyrus9586 said:
    Ok so after getting the new gfx card it updated drivers to 11.11 for catalyst after confirming that didnt work i had already tried a clean driver install from AMD. Sorry forgot to add that info.

    Yeah, I just wanted to be sure we were on the same page. Your problem is quite mysterious to me. Do you have good mobo drivers?
  12. Get a decent PSU and see if the problem persists.

    Here is a review of your Logisys 600w PSU.

    A few quotes from it:

    1) ... Logisys... 600w... fake wattage and fake 80+ logo.

    2) No active PFC so it can't possibly have a power factor of 0.90 so it can't possibly be 80+ rated.

    3) Uses 12v wires removed from the ATX12V design in January 2002, therefore the design is completely obsolete.

    That is just page 1. My favorite is page 7. Every time I read a review I usually just don't read anything other than what is on page 7 (or 8 if it spills over into page 8). I jump there by just appending "/7" to the URL and reloading it when I read their reviews. Lets see what page 7 has for us...


    Nevermind a 4th thing, I used to think that the Thermaltake TR2 RX 750 was about the worst PSU money can buy. I was wrong, at least the TR2 RX 750 can deliver wattage at 20% load within specifications. This PSU can't deliver power within specifications at ANY load figure. Not even 1 between 1% load and 100% load. They ran 12 tests at various figures and got a FAIL on every single one.

    5) It blew up when we tried to pull more than 375w from it.

    See that is bad, your 600 actually blows up if you try to use a whole 400. Completely unusable ever again after one try of 400w out of your "600w".

    I will just stop now.

    Get a new PSU and try to do your video stuff again.

    cyrus9586 said:
    RMAd the gfx card problem persists. Still need help PLEASE! RMAing the motherboard. starting to second guess this site and help it can provide. Are these parts even compatible?

    I almost didn't help you after I read this. I also almost didn't help you after I saw that you had 11 responses to your post. Usually, by that time the person is well on their way to being sorted. You lucked out that I happened to be interested to see what the "must read to understand" problem is. If I wasn't interested in seeing what the problem is that I have to read to understand I would have skipped it and helped someone with 0 responses.

    If you bump your stuff 100 times, it looks like we are helping you 100 times, therefore we don't need to help you anymore. Quit bumping your own stuff and people are more likely to take an interest in it. I personally aim for all the people with 0 first because I know I am not duplicating the effort others here have already done. I would hazard a guess with 11 posts most people here think that if they bother to look that they will also be at best reinventing the wheel.

    Your problems are all your own. If you quit bumping your own posts and quit being hateful of the people that want to help you for free, you might get better results.

    Speaking of which, if you are going to be hateful, you can pay me for my time while you are at it. I will tell you where to paypal the money when your stuff is fixed. Either that or you can start being nicer than you have been while I am trying to get you sorted out.
  13. The mother board drivers were completely up to date and checked out fine. Contacted biostar and just like sapphire they too all they said was to RMA thier product as it might be the problem. 2 weeks for a maybe. Also Raiddinn this PSU has run 100% fine since installation and i even tested the load etc it put out exactly what it said it can do. Im not saying things cant/wont happen all im saying is the model i have is working fine.
  14. In my experience, half of all problems are PSU problems. Also in my experience, that percentage is larger in the PSUs that aren't from Tier 1 brands (Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, and anything else made by Seasonic like XFX).

    Regardless how good you think your PSU is, I would still suggest you borrow one of a comparable size from one of those brands I just said and try it to see if your problem doesn't immediately disappear.

    I can come up with all kinds of crazy things for you to do that have some small chance of fixing it regardless of how minuscule that chance is. If you want me to do that, then start by downloading MemTest86+, burning it to a CD, booting from it, and running it for a few hours, preferably even overnight.

    Also, tell me more about your cooling setup while you are at it. Download HWMonitor from CPUID and tell me what the temperatures are before you start watching a movie and if anything changes when you start watching one.

    - Edit - In case it isn't clear, I would still rather you spend your time hunting down a different PSU than spending time trying those 2 latter thiings, but if you want to start with those then go ahead.
  15. The original PSU was an antec 430 watt using nothing but the gfx card mobo and single hdd should have been in the clear to psu needs it still did it thats why i bought the 650 watt. ill say sorry for not mentioning that sooner.

    Also i cant give you exact numbers but according to system temperatures were stable before during and after movie/game was being played.
  16. Raiddinn one thing i did want to say real quick was thank you for pointing out the flaws in the logisys 600 watt PSU but i have the 650 watt. Which upon further googling found only one review of it so far at

    It seems to test ok but once again no sarcasm here thank you for providing help beyond check the drivers. I'm still looking into the problem.

    It looks like i may have to do the memtest and HWmonitor if im going to tackle a solution for this. This is of course a long process but thanks to someone actually giving me advice i can go on i retract my previous statement and will run these tests to see whats going on. Just hate how companies are so gung ho on just rma it when the problem may not be a defect after all.

    Edit:As for any further info i can give on cooling besides numbers all fans are set to optimal cooling the CPU has good thermal compound and stock hit sink fan combo on it the case is a Antec sonata 1 with the 120mm case fan(i think its 120 mm i get the sizes mixed up easily) and the side panel is off till i can get this all fixed and closed up.

    The biostar MOBO has a LED temperature display that reads in hex and i never saw it go beyond 2B (44 degrees Celsius) but without additional monitors set up i couldn't give you exact numbers.

    Sorry if i was short in earlier posts it's just after 800$ in parts and 2 weeks for an RMA on a gfx card that wasnt the problem not knowing what is wrong is driving me nuts and every company i try to talk to just says RMA our part and itll be fine.
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