Problem with New graphic card

hello friends,

i brought a new graphic card and installed it in my PC. everything went fine for 3 days, i have played all the high end games without any problem but after 3 or 4 days...the monitor started going into standby mode and some times it shows some gibberish colors on the screen.

Below are my PC specifications.

LG 17" CRT monitor
Processor : Dual core 2.88 GHz.
MOBO : D102GGC2.
ram : 2 Gb DDR2

Graphic card : NVIDIA GT 440 - 1 gB (DDR3) Purchased in September 2011.

I changed the screen resolution from least to max and tried in each instance but with no luck.
Formatted the system and installed a new os but that did not help either.
I checked the temparature using Everest software and it showed around 39-40 C always.

Does any one have any inputs on this..
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  1. SMPS (PSU) : 400W if this helps..
  2. If it isn't your old CRT biting the dust, then you're going to have to enact the warranty on the graphics card I'm afraid.
  3. Look like you gpu doesnt like you if i were you i would contact the gpu manufacturers and make them replace my card
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