Need help picking a Monitor

Hey guys,

I am building my first PC and have finally sorted out the tower components, and now I need some advice on picking a monitor.

I am both an amateur photographer and a casual gamer.

I am stuck between picking an IPS screen as opposed to a screen suited towards gaming because I am afraid of the ghosting/troubles associated with the IPS screens.

I have looked up various threads and reviews on a fair few IPS monitors and most of the time people say they will not go to well with gaming, some say you cant notice anything.

Has anyone used an IPS monitor with games and had no troubles at all?

I dont have a big budget for the monitor as I have spent most on the tower, the max would be $300, if I cant find a decent tradeoff with an IPS I may be forced to not use one, but I would really prefer it for the photo-editing I do.

Thanks, Ben.

[P.S. I am not sure whether this is the correct area to post this, I was forced to pick a subsection so I picked AMD Radeon as the Graphics card I will be using will more than likely be a HIS 4870x2.]
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  1. i think this should help you out as it is good both for gaming and photo editing.
    it also has LED tech. and 5 ms response time.both features help in better visualisation.
  2. It has to be IPS you see for the colours and contrast, if it is not IPS, then it is not suitable for photo-editing.

    None the less thats a very nice screen... pitty I live in Australia so I would have to source it elsewhere.
  3. you may try techbuy for shopping in australia
  4. Techbuy is expensive unless a particular item is on sale, I am going to go through MSY / Ebay I think. I have settled on a Dell u2209W IPS monitor as it has got good feedback and ive read of a few people who game with one and it does not bother them.

    Thanks guys.
  5. oh what a co incidence i was also going to suggest the same monitor
    good luck
  6. Hi, have you considered the Asus PA238Q? Seems to be a nice alternative.
  7. Sorry, its not IPS, and its a bit too much.
  8. Bennis said:
    Sorry, its not IPS, and its a bit too much.

    I'm not sure where you are getting that from but the PA238Q is both IPS and rather affordable considering such.
  9. Oops, I ended up on something totally different haha, I just had a quick little search and its still too much money unfortunately... things are bad atm, my cars pressure plate collapsed today so im looking a hefty repair bill for that which has put this build on hold one again. *sigh*
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