Sata III add on card help!

I've purchased this new rig and one of the downsides i'm having is that at the moment it supports Sata II and a HDD. I am looking to buy a nice SSD in the next couple of days but am pretty new to the component world... just know the basics, etc. I'm just wondering what I will need, or what kind of add on card in order to install a SSD on my system and get it working at full performance?

I have 1 PCI Express X1 Slot, 1 PCI Express X4 Slot and 1 PCI Express X16 slot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. are you sure you don't have a sata III connection?

    running a fast SSD on Sata II is not actually a problem and not that much slower, and a lot less hassle (also the added time of alternate boot mechanism will certainly be longer than the difference between II and III).,review-32370.html
  2. Yeah I've looked into it, definitely Sata II. That's a very informative article thanks for sharing that. I can always just purchase the SSD I want and take it from there. I just didn't know how big of a difference it would make.
  3. real world not much...
  4. Yes they make sata3 add in cards. Heres the first one I found on newegg

    They also make pcie SSD's. They mount directly in the pcie slot. Heres the first one I found on newegg:
  5. Thanks for the help! I am just going to purchase the SSD. Now this is a stupid question, but i'm very new to the world of installing hardware. I want my HDD and SSD to both be installed. With the components I named do I need to buy any extra ports or should I just be able to install my ssd and keep my hdd where it is with no hiccup?
  6. Yes but before you install the ssd,make sure you enable AHCI in your bios if you haven't already done so.
  7. if you have spare sata ports and a stata power connector you'll be fine. Best practise for an install where you have data on a drive that you want to keep is to unplug that drive before you install windows on the drive you want to install it onto. And then once windows is done done turn it off and then plug it back in again.

    There have been some horror stories of people installing on the wrong drive and wiping everything.
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