AMD Phenom ii x4 965

I know i may be beating a dead horse here but I'll ask anyway. I have my CPU running at 3.8Ghz and temps dont go above 41C after running Prime for 7+ hours, is there any point to push it any further?
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  1. No. the 965 and 955 are made for extreme overclocking unless you have a surplus of them and are testing to see how high you can go. 3.8 is plenty for that CPU and is its known stable point. I have seen 4.0 on them before but unstable. 3.8=stable
  2. At 3.8Ghz that's a good speed, and if your temps don;'t go above 41c that's actually excellent.

    What type of cooler are you using?

    IMO I wouldnt try going any might run into stability problems and/or diminishing returns.
  3. You can hit 4ghz just for the hell of it. Don't need it for 24/7 use as the .2ghz extra is pretty useless, but it always feels nice to hit those milestone markers :)
  4. Believe it or not im using the Corsair H70 in a push/pull... i hear mixed reviews but it works great for me.
  5. Sweet so the H70 when installed properly actually works quite well, I will keep that in mind if people run into issues with it :)
  6. If your temps are that low then you have plenty of headroom, I had mine running at 4.3GHz 24/7 and it was stable.
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