Why does my RAM keep dropping?


When i look at my task manager it tells me i have 1022 physical memory, but the cache and available memory is different every time i turn on my p.c. Most times when i turn it on i have around 250 available for a few minutes until it builds up to around 600, then without reason, and without anything being open it randomly drops. I know i shud have over half a gig available always but the numbers always change. Do i have a RAM problem? or is something else causing it... thanks
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  1. It is normal -- what you see in the Task Manager is you memory RAM usage, which varies according to its use. Nothing to worry about!:)
  2. I see what you are saying but my RAM drops even when im not doing anything, and sometimes it causes my pc to freeze... at least i think thats what is doing it. Any ideas what else could be causing my pc to freeze... it did it a second ago when i was posting...i had to reboot
  3. There must be some other problem. First thing to do is go to the event viewer and search for error messages. Second thing is to download a program like speedfan and monitor your cpu and gpu temps. Post the results here, if you are uncertain if they are ok.
  4. there are tons of things running on the background, or maybe it is something you installed.
    check the processes tab, sort by memory, see which one is eating them up
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