Nividia graphics cards for toshiba c660

can i put in a nividia graphics card in a toshiba satillite c660-1zn as its got only rubbish in built intel graphics?
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  1. No, it's a laptop.
  2. so there no way then
  3. No probably not, there are only a few high end laptops that have replaceable/upgradeable graphic chips and yours is not one them.
  4. thats not good do i have a good laptop or should i get rid of it get a better 1
  5. If you want an upgradable computer then you shouldn't be bothering with laptops IMHO.
  6. lol just wanted somthing portable
  7. Then you will have to put up with the limitations that your need for portability brings.
  8. i know am jus starting to find that out
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