Sabertooth z77 wont boot, cant get to bios

Hello, this is my first pc build so idk if i am missing something obvious. I did and external build everything worked fine so i went onto internal and again it worked fine. I then went on to change my boot priority so i could load windows 8. So I saved changes and waited on restart and it would just restart and shut down over and over. Nothing was coming up on the monitor so i turned the power off. Now i cannot get into bios to change anything to hopefully remedy the issue. The boot device led is on so i unplugged the boot device to see if it would boot off the ssd or something else but it didnt. Basically now i power on everything turns on, i get the 1 short beep and followed by 1 beat and 4 short beeps which is suppose to mean hardware failur, and the red boot device led. I checked asus and tried clearing cmos and removing everything but the memory and it still wont boot.
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  1. Remove everything from motherboard except processor, leave monitor connected, also disconnect mouse and keyboard reseat power connections then try to boot, you should get a memory error beep sequece, add memory one module at a time, then keep adding components untill you have found the problem.
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