ASROCK z77 Pro4-m motherboard

hi is this a good motherboard ASROCK z77 Pro4-m motherboard and i want to get a i5 2500k, i5 3570k

and i want to overclock
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  1. Yes it is a good microATX board and it will allow for overclock since it is Z77 chipset.
  2. hey whats a better overclocker i5 2500k or the 3570k i want to try and get to 5ghz or 4.8
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  4. I have that mobo and it is not great for OCing believe me. The chipset gets hot long before the CPU. Im not experienced enough with enough components to really steer you to a better one but Im sure somebody here is.
  5. I do believe I have heard better things about the extreme 4 instead of Pro 4.
  6. well i cant afford a better motherboard so i might have to go with a amd motherboard and a fx cpu
  7. Check out the asrock z77 extreme 4 $119 Also I have a 2700k right now. I see you are looking at the 2500k. I can tell you the OC on those is awesome. My first attempt went to 4.6GHZ and the only thing getting warm was the Mobo. Good luck bud.
  8. oh i live in asutralia and i could get ASROCK z77 Pro4-m motherboard for 50 bucks
  9. Wow thats pretty inexpensive. I can tell you that it does OC but it cant be pushed as hard as the CPUs you are looking at. Im actually on here looking for an alternative to mine right now.
  10. really if i have to go with amd then i will get a fx 4300 and good oc board and water cooling
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