Help me choose a graphics card

I need to know what is the best card i can get for my system preferably ati/amd. i was thinking of getting a 6850 but i know my psu can handle more.

AMD phenom ii x4 @3.2ghz
MSI 870-G45 Motherboard
8gb ddr3 1333 mhz
XFX core edition psu 650w
1360x768 rez

price doesnt matter, thanks :na:
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  1. What do you want to do with it ? If gaming is your main thing, get a better monitor and a hd6950 or a gtx 560ti.
  2. Yeah, if price doesn't matter then a 1080p monitor and something like an HD6950 would be a good call. If you aren't going to upgrade the monitor don't bother with anything more than the HD6850. Your PSU is fine for either.
  3. ok what about amds new 7000 series? should i wait to see if any of thos would be any better?
  4. Absolutely, if you can wait ; WAIT.
  5. And for now maybe buy a better monitor ?
  6. i wouldn't get the HD 6850 or 6870 because of the microstuttering explained recently by Tomshardware, like suggested a GTX 560ti or HD 6950 will do the job at any resolution.
    for the new HD 7K series, it's gonna be 28nm which means low power consumption, less heat with a 1 GHz GPU frequency and new XDR2 technology which is said to be twice faster than GDDR5, a high end model such as HD 7950 is said to be beating the HD 6990 in performance,13408.html
  7. The 6850 and 6870 are perfectly fine cards. Microstuttering issues are only present if you Crossfire them, and there would be no point in doing so with such a low resolution. The 7000 series cards are all being pushed back to 2012 now, so unless you are okay waiting anywhere between 3 and 6 months for a graphics card, or you have a card that is still giving acceptable performance right now, you may want to consider what is available now, rather than wait.
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