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Hi I'm building a HTPC with light gaming (only going to play WoW on medium settings). However I'd like to crossfire the integrated graphics card in these processors. I don't know which one to get since the A4-3300's AMD 6410D can play WoW on high with decent FPS, that would mean the AMD 6550D would do much better. Anyways anyone have a crossfire list for the A4, A6, and A8 APUs?

**I looked on AMD's website and they said the 6410D could be crossfired with the 6450 or the 6350 but when I checked on newegg for a 6450 WITH crossfireX enabled I found none.**
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  1. This should answer your question as to what can be crossfired with what.,2975-2.html
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    its not a true crossfire like yuore thinking, its hybrid crossfire and not as good as true crossfire and still may have some driver quirks to work out. That is why you dont need a crossfire enabled card.

    the graphics controllers on the A8 (HD 6550D IGP) and A6-series (HD 6530D IGP) processors are compatible with any AMD graphics card based off of the Turks and Caicos cores (HD 6670, HD 6570 and HD 6450) while the HD 6410D IGP in the A4 branded APUs will only work with the HD 6450 and HD 6350 cards
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