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Nothing happen

Hello,i connect the agp on my pc but there had no display on my monitor.what can i do now?
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  1. More info please, what was the gpu used before, was it an on board card ? What pc you have, what GPu your using now.
  2. its the first time i use this card...........
  3. Oke, it's also the first time you use the pc ?
  4. no no this card on this pc its first time.............its nvdia256mb
  5. and pc is pentiuam4 3ghz intel chiepset esonic mainboard
  6. Right, ( is this serious or what ? ) and you used the pc before then i assume ? If yes, with what video card, was it an on board video card ? ( on the motherboard i mean )
    And nvidea 256 mb doesn't say much, what type is it ?
  7. yes....on mainboard card is 128mb..and nvidia 256 is pci-express
  8. Did you switch that one off then ? Try to see if you still have a picture when you use the video output from the original on board card.
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    its difficult to narrow down the issue with the provided information.. but i am just going to give a shotgun approach to solving the issue.. try them all out and see if you can get it to work.

    Does your onboard video work? - if so you need to go into your BIOS and change it from onboard via to PCI-Express video.

    Is the card install correctly - check the card, make sure it is plugged in all the way

    Does you computer even post? - do you hear a single beep when you boot your computer,

    is you monitor on? - I have to ask in this situation...

    does the monitor work when you remove the card?
  10. Oh and nvidea 256 pci express is NOT a agp card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the name of that s...... thing. gt240,gts 450, gtx 560, be specifick man.
  11. Or you mean gpu by agp. Or this is just a big pile of B.S. ! Think you wanted to have a laugh then hey. Well hopefully your satisfied, bit sad you have to go this way to have your daily portion of fun. ( get a life or something )
    If this is serious get yourself a translater or someone who knows what he's saying.This is going nowhere.
  12. Rofl.. I know what you mean..

    btw. he has an nvidaa 256.. thought there was a forum page about nvidia 256'ers having boot issues around here someplace... Something about having to hit the "turbo" button before booting for it to work..

  13. while i use the original output on board card it have no problem........but when i use the external output on my pci express it does not work........monitor show .......monitor is working cheaq the signal cable.............
  14. btw. he has an nvidaa 256..
    Right,my bad, that stupid thing is so old i never heard of it and as he stated 256 mb i thought he meant 256 mb vram. ( it's the first GPU ???? ) On steampower then ? :lol:
  15. @rozz my monitor is on
    i hear a singal beep when my computer is boot.
    and yes my monitor is work when i remove the card
  16. @robjordy i got it free...................
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